Welcome to Julie's Family Tree!

200px Valentine Greatraks Have you ever thought about family tree research but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you have started looking into your family history, but have hit a brick wall. Maybe your ancestor was an agricultural labourer, a tradesman, an apprentice, a rogue or even royalty? Are there any skeletons in your cupboard? Did your family members fight in World Wars? Were they a casualty of war? Perhaps they ran away to Gretna Green to get married. They may have been involved in accidents or crimes? Could you be descendants of a famous family? Now you can find out about your ancestor’s lives and see how they have influenced your own life?

I have a Passion for researching Family History, having spent many years researching my own Family tracing it back to some wonderful stories including a very influencial person in the suffragette movement and a celebrity faith healer from the 1600's called Valentine Greatorex.

On this website you can see details of my own research or even book a research package for me to work on your own UK family history. I use online repositories which I subscribe to to do my research, having for many years driven around the country going to local record offices to find the information I needed, nowadays most things are available online if you know where to look and are prepared to subscribe to the services which give you access but it that also makes it easy to go off on the wrong track because there is so much information available at your fingertips it is easy to imagine links which are just not there.