Help with your research

Have you ever wanted to research your family tree but not known where to start or dont have the time to do the research? I can help for a set fee I will do a number of hours research for you and send the results to you electronically. Click here for costs

I use mainly online Research sites and subscriptions to do the research and once complete I will send you a number of things showing what I have found including a PDF Tree, PDF copies of documents supporting my finds, a synopsis of the research in PDF Book form and a link to view the tree at Ancestry .com.

Have you already started you family research? are you stuck? have things gone wrong? I can help you get unstuck or help you get things in order. The best way to to start this is to talk to me first and we can work out a plan which suits us both.

If you are interested in commisioning me to do some research please do contact me i can answer anyquestions you have and let you know what the current time scale is for doing research, all work undertaken is do in order of the bookings taken, whilst this does not generally effect the lead time I am busy i will let you know there could be a delay before taking your order.

When I take an order I ask for 50% payment up front, I will then send you the documents which you will need to complete as much as you can and forward back to me I will look at these once you let me know they are done I can do an assessment at this point and if I have any concerns that I may not be able to help I will tell you at this point but if not i will start the research. Once I have completed my research I will contact you and request the second half of the payment before releasing the documents to you.

Documents are shared via Google documents so you will need a free Google login to be able to access these. Click here to create a Google account