Terms and Conditions


By authorising Julie's Family Tree to carry out the research, you agree to these terms and conditions which form the contract between Julie's Family Tree and yourself.

Assessment and Research

We provide will do an initial assessment of the family line(s) that you wish us to research and then we advise you of the likelihood of a successful outcome. It is very unusual that we are not able to go ahead with the research but should we decide that the records available to us will limit the research to such an extent that it would be impossible to provide a worthwhile report, then we will advise you and discuss the other options available or if you prefer refund you.

Completion of Research

When we have completed the research we will produce the documentation. This will be delivered to you electronically to the email address you have supplied. 

Gift Certificates

Our Gift Certificates expire on the date displayed at the bottom of the certificate or one year from the date of issue whichever is the longer.

Errors and Omissions

Please note that surviving records are often misleading or inaccurate.

Many historical records are illegible with varying degrees of clarity of handwriting, multiple spellings of surname and variations can result in a variety of errors. Some electronic databases often contain erroneous transcriptions of original text. So, for these reasons, all family tree research projects are susceptible to the occasional inaccuracy. We do our very best to make every reasonable effort to verify the findings of the research, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the findings where evidence is unreliable or contradictory.

Should you believe there is a mistake in any of our research then please contact us so that we can, at our discretion, carry out further research to rectify the error. If errors or omissions are discovered after the work has been submitted to the customer, due to additional research being carried out by other parties, we cannot be held responsible for those errors or omissions.

Julie's Family Tree do not undertake work involving heir searches or any work where there are disputes regarding descendants of any deceased person. We will not be liable for any work undertaken where this situation has not been disclosed or mentioned prior to the research being undertaken.

Refund of Payments Made

Payment is refundable up to the point where research has started at this point refund will only be made if the initial assesment deems is unlikely to be able to proceed.

This Contract has been devised under English Law and is governed by the UK Court jurisdiction only.

Payment Terms

Payment must be made prior to any research being undertaken


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