My Grandmothers name is Bettine Livesley, and who I think, and others agree, I look very much like she did when she was younger. and on this branch of my family it is easy to see the family resemblances - one photo of my Uncle and Great uncle looks more like a mirror image of one person!

Within the Livesley branch there are a few Reverends and Missionaries, and I believe the Livesley's may have a strong Methodist background. This is for a few reasons, the family as far as I know were from the greater Manchester area and Methodism was strong in this area, also there is not a great deal of Livesley's on the IGI and Methodists generally did not give their record to the IGI, and also one of my Great Uncles - Ernest Livesley was a Methodist missionary.

My Great Grandfather William Arthur Livesley (b:1887 in Manchester, d:1970 in Eastbourne) served in the Great War and in 1918 and served in a Military Hospital in Manchester. He married his wife Nina Clifford in September 1918 in Manchester. I believe she served in The Great War it some capacity, possibly driving ambulances, as the family beleive this is where they met each other.


William Livesley was also a Bank Manager and Cotton Broker in Manchester.

Williams father - also a William Henry Livesley (b:1859 in Manchester d:bef1918) was an Alderman, Bank manager and printer in Manchester. Printing appears to have been a family business, based in Manchester, being passed down through the generations, with also My livesley ancestors marrying a daughter of a printer (hopefully not just to increase the business!) for example William Henry Livesley married Esther Ann Derry (b:1859 in Manchester) was the daughter of James Derry (b:1836 in Grantham) he was in the printing business. William Henry Livesley's Father, also William Livesley (b:1819 in Cheshire) married Mary Alcock (b:1822 in Manchester) was the daughter of Isaac Alcock (b:abt1800) also a printer!

After this my line of livesleys ends at present with John Livesley who is not a printer but a salt boiler.

Other surnames on this branch include Derry, Stanley, Alcock and Whitehall.